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Oh my fuck, just leave the new turtles alone.

Yes, they’re ugly. Yes, it’s being produced by a terrible director. Yes, Megan Fox is shit. Just give it a shot.

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Colbert Announces that Sam Wilson will be taking over as Captain America!


Series of paintings discovered in an abandon mental asylum in Italy.

The first full trailer for Doctor Whoseries 8 sees the return of Daleks, Dinosaurs, and Madame Vastra. | Series 8 - 8.28.14

You should ask me questions.

I’m not a violent person, I just like talking to people and answering questions about myself. It can be whatever you want. My favourite food, what I do in my spare time, or something about my (other) blog. It doesn’t matter. Ask away!

The film-makers only used CG effects when absolutely necessary, and to enhance practical effects for the creatures rather than replace them completely. Even the smaller female alien that appears before the credits was a petite woman in a creature suit. A puppet-type head was used for some of the attack shots wherein Moses is suddenly bitten. The creature’s head was a carefully constructed mask that had no eyes, and even the glowing mouthful of large, carnivorous teeth were achieved by animatronics (including twelve “servos”) rather than added in post. The film-makers admit that it did help save money, but also had an unexpected benefit. The actors, rather than reacting to something that wasn’t there, admitted that they were genuinely and unexpectedly frightened by the look and movements of creatures actually present (especially during chase sequences when a creature/creatures would pursue them at full speed). Nearly every actor said they felt especially intimidated— many surprisingly so— by the physical presence in a way they would not have if the creatures had been added digitally later. The same went for the majority of the settings; the director said it added authenticity and atmosphere to shoot on a set rather in front of a green screen. [SOURCE]

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Attack The Block (2011)
(dir. Joe Cornish)

"What’s Ron’s weed room?"
"It’s a big room. Full of weed. And it’s Ron’s."

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What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

Basically I’ve only had one answer so far. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Den, and Funny Games